The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum….I Wish I Lived There…

What? I mean that I feel at my best when I am connecting people and sussing out their dreams. I love to meet the shy geeky brainiac who is just going to set the world on fire and then getting him to meet the money people. I love having my “green” friend meet other people involved in new technologies. I love getting all of the alternative therapies and modalities people off to the side and really talking about what they do. I love asking people what they need.

If this were a job I would do it everyday. I love doing the “meet and greet” and finding out what types of businesses people are in and what is their passion. The matchmaker in me wants to help them find a resource they didn’t know about. I love finding the synergy between strangers.

Tonight I met up with a familiar face who is connected with people I have admired and known for many years in completely different contexts.  He offered me an opportunity.  As you know I have been casting about for my next move. This project is something I can believe in!  I’ll let you know when the details are firmed up…but I should have known that Hashem knows where my parnassah comes from. The next time I stress out, you have my permission to call me and tell me to chill. Better yet- come on over to my “Little Chabad House on the Wadi” and I’ll make you the drink.