I love being a doula- there is a lot of downtime. I have managed to make it meaningful and have learned a tremendous amount. I am in the hunt for a job to complement the life I have created up until now. My doula business is important to me and it takes a while to grow a reputation and a clientele.  I have decided to look for something worthwhile to do until then. Until I unearth the treasure trove of pregnant women needing comfort.

Today I applied for jobs- sent out resumes something I have not had to do for over 25 years.  All of my jobs have come from personal referrals. I don’t know what made me think that I needed to do this. I know I have to do my hishtadlut/make my effort. I understand that all of my sustenance comes from Hashem/G-d.  He has fed me for a number of years, given me shelter and knows where my parnassah/income is coming from….even when I don’t.

So if you know anyone who can use a committed, out-going and enthusiastic person in their business call me….