Daddy and Me and Shadow Makes Three


I got an award today.
When I go out on Shabbat night on crime deterrence patrols I always wear my Daddy’s North Face jacket- it is my  talisman.  Sometimes it is a stakeout and  I have to be quiet for hours on end. We are  watching  out for criminals and their patterns. My trainer said in this part of the world all it takes a one move for a simple burglary to go bad and end up making the perpetrator into a national hero.
Most nights I think about how I ended up there. I like to think  my Daddy would be so proud of me standing up to the bad guys. Under the same  canopy of stars he took me to see on Deveraux Beach in Marblehead, MA- I stand watch over my part of Israel.  I remember the night he told me about Abraham and G-d’s promise to the Jews while Shadow our dog ran on the beach. I believed him and the promise and I have spent my life acting on it.
My Daddy always had good relations with the local police and local K-9 trainers. Despite being a serial entrepreneur he always made time for community service usually in his own quiet way. He taught his children to respect the law and the peacekeepers.
So when I found myself on a mission…being eaten by mosquitoes – I sucked it up and I did my duty as my Daddy would have done,Image