I Never Saw It Coming…

B”H My husband got a follow-up call from http://www.partnersintorah.org.  He has tried a few people out and they are very good at following up the “shidduch”/match. I was at my computer terminal in our joint office and I was listening to the conversation. They offered my husband someone he knew from the old country.  My husband jumped at the chance to learn with his old friend. I suggested to my husband some topics he might enjoy and that is when the lady on the other end of the phone asked to speak to me. She said that they need women willing to learn with women. She asked me if I would be interested. I said yes and I told her that I have an interest in Tanya and Torah parasha as well as women’s issues. As a Chabadnik I am supposed to be learning Chumush, Tanya and Tehillim.  I try to improve on each part each day- I don’t always make my mark. Life can get in the way. Part of being a Chassida of the Rebbe is to be mesudar/organized. Last summer I was giving a parasha class with Chassidus from the Rebbe and I gave it up because I didn’t have any guidance on how to prepare it without over preparing. Then something made me uncomfortable and I got intimidated. I shut down. I regret this till today. I struggled with this and I have done teshuvah on this a lot. I asked my mashpia what I should have done- she said I was wrong to give it up.  She said I should teach and I am trying to get a Mommie and Me off the ground for after Pesach. But…along comes this phone call and I knew immediately that this is a message from above.  I going to teach on the level I am on with a person that needs meEsther Rosen. Now I am dreaming about this yet unknown woman- will she be a career girl in some exotic place on earth, or a married women carving out time for herself??? Hashem is so amazing because he always know what I need. I need to learn.


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