This is Eerily Familiar

B”H In the summer of 2011 just before we made Aliyah to Israel we got hit with everything or so we thought. I now know that it could have been worst. Looking back we can joke about the Baltimore “Earthquake” and Hurricane Irene cancelling our farewell trip to New England. We can even sigh over our flooded elevator shafts that prevented us from leaving Strathmore Towers for a week. We lived without a fridge, electricity and furniture. We got on the plane feeling like we had survived something significant.

By the time we arrived in Israel- a dirty apartment, nasty furniture and a tiny fridge made our day. We were so emotionally worn out from just trying to get out of town. We had the mindset of political refugees that Hashem had blurted out, with the help of Nefesh b’ Nefesh, on the shores of Israel.

I am very curious how many Jews will now look forward to making Aliyah now that the material world has floated away. How many will gladly board planes since rebuilding looks to be a tremendous effort? How many will look at their lives and realize that we are all here waiting to welcome them home? Or will they wait to be rescued by the American government?  A lot of good that did the diplomatic crew in Libya  Will they not read the parasha this week and draw the conclusion that Hashem runs the world?

I will leave it for others to draw conclusions about the reason for the damage. I think I am just going to go get the guest room ready I think we may be having company.


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  1. I totally agree with you Yael! Honestly, I am very happy we left the US when we did. Being home is really what it is about. I am grateful everyday that I am here. My relationship with my daughter, my son-in-law and their 10 children(the most recent addition is a sabra borne July2) continues to grow. I have actually been able to be of help. That’s just the best. Although, we have some advantages others don’t have: we have a regular US income(hopefully it will continue), since we have no little kids we don’t have to worry about schools. These 2 advantages are major.
    Here in Karmiel I feel Hashem everywhere. with all the craziness in the world it is obvious that Hashem runs the world (for those who want to look). We (you and Yosef and Aharon and I) saw the reality and left as they say”when the getting was good.” we saw the handwriting on the wall. Now being in Israel the craziness is more obvious (at a distance) but we know that Hashem is in charge. Congrats on your seminary entrance. I am in regular contact with Yehudit Bell of Breslov. It is really about prayer. Looking forward to seeing you two!

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